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Director of Football - Mission Accomplished’

Director of Football - Mission Accomplished’

GBFC Site Manager5 May 2023 - 19:10
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Club Announce - Departure of DOF Mark Molesley

Gosport Borough Football Club can confirm the departure of Director of
Football Mark Molesley.

The Club would like to place on record its grateful thanks to Mark for
his hard work and very professional contribution over the final part
of the season.

Chairman Iain Mcinnes

In late November Mark Molesley accepted the challenge of guiding the
club through a difficult period till the end of the season. We are
all very grateful for the contribution he and his staff have made
culminating in a relatively comfortable retention of our SPL
status. ’Job done’ and time to move on as they say.

Marks appointment was the result of a ‘let’s have a chat’ lunch which
almost flowed into dinner all on the same thread….football what else.
It became apparent to me that the ’safe pair of hands’ needed was
across the table albeit in a ‘wounded’ state and somewhat disenchanted
with football. Was there a challenge here that would serve both
purposes….. the answer as they say is now history.

Personally I’ve found Mark a coaching tour de force respectful manager
and principled bloke……a class act.

I’m sure you’ll wish Mark along with Brad and Yemi…Adieu and good luck.


A message from Mark to the BORO’ Fans.

When I first met the Chairman back in late November, we spoke at
length about football, family and where we were both at in our lives.

Immediately we struck up a relationship and at a time where I was
ready to take a break from football he had quickly reversed my
As Director of Football, I was specifically tasked to help the club
out of the relegation zone and retain its league status, along with
helping strategically plan for the future.
With that in mind we have both decided on the delivery of that next
phase, and what that looks like both on and off the pitch.

My short term contract comes to an end, and I am happy to leave the
club heading towards a more self sufficient, progressive football club
at the heart of its community.

With mission accomplished in a very challenging season I’m left to
wish everyone all the very best in the future, but can’t go without a
special mention to all of the volunteers and staff at the club for
their unwavering support, and thank the club’s fans for their
magnificent support.

Best wishes


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